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G20 AS-Interface Motor Modules with Direct Connection G20 AS-Interface Motor Modules with Direct Connection
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(PDF, 1995 KB)

The robust housing of the G20 motor module is <30 mm tall so that it can be easily integrated in the mounting strip. It has a direct connection for two DC roller motors and two congested track scanners. This solution does not require any cables to be run from the mounting strip, reducing the amount of assembly work needed and enabling the perfect system design …

(November 2015; PR-2015-16057FA-ENG)

 R100 and R101 series photoelectric sensors Innovative Features and Intelligent Functions Combined in an Innovative Product Architecture
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(PDF, 3842 KB)

Pepperl+Fuchs will unveil the R100 and R101 series—a new generation of standard photoelectric sensors in a compact design—at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade fair. They are the first series to feature a new, innovative product architecture, and combine a host of state-of-the-art technologies in a compact space …

(November 2015; PR-2015-15949FA-ENG)

F192—UHF Read/Write Head for Large Detection Ranges F192—UHF Read/Write Head for Large Detection Ranges
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(PDF, 2473 KB)

UHF read/write heads from Pepperl+Fuchs function reliably even under harsh ambient conditions, while still offering a high level of flexibility. The F192 is supplementing the product family with its outstanding properties to also cover logistics applications in the future and achieve read distances in excess of 2 m …

(November 2015; PR-2015-15855FA-ENG)

From the Field Level, to Mobile Devices, to MES or ERP From the Field Level, to Mobile Devices, to MES or ERP
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(PDF, 4083 KB)

SmartBridge provides an additional communication path from the field level without the need for costly wiring or installation work. This allows smartphones or tablets to be used as convenient operating tools and for sensor and actuator data to be made available at the MES and ERP level.

(November 2015; PR-2015-15824FA-ENG)

 Cable Pulls and Cable-Pull Rotary Encoders Cable Pulls and Cable-Pull Rotary Encoders
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(PDF, 4947 KB)

The cable-pull rotary encoder portfolio from Pepperl+Fuchs is characterized by modular product architecture. The range offers a wide variety of variants for almost every field of application. Optimally coordinated components signify a long service life and ensure reliable processes with regard to linear distance measuring and positioning.

(November 2015; PR-2015-15822FA-ENG)

UMB800 Ultrasonic Sensor, EHEDG-Certified Devices for Hygiene Applications, umb800, IP68/IP69K Compact Ultrasonic Sensor in Solid Stainless Steel
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(PDF, 4507 KB)

The UMB800 from Pepperl+Fuchs is the world's smallest ultrasonic sensor in solid stainless steel. It is made entirely from FDA-compliant materials. With its large detection range and highly compact design, it opens up new automation possibilities in hygienic applications …

(November 2015; PR-2015-15820FA-ENG)

Easy mounting: Easily mount the F31K2 onto standard actuators without additional assembling aids. Valve Position Monitoring - Open Solutions for Ease of Mounting
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(PDF, 4652 KB)

The latest generation of dual sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs monitors the valve position of valve actuators in a reliable and contactless process. These valve actuators are primarily used to achieve rotary movements in fittings, valves, and flaps in industrial applications …

(June 2015, PR-2015-13103FA-ENG)

LS682 optical data coupler Faster, Higher, Farther
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(PDF, 4662 KB)

Able to transfer data without wires or radio signals, across distances of up to 300 meters, without minimum distances, and at speeds of 100 Mbit/s: The LS682 optical data coupler far surpasses the performance of its competitors—and opens up new possibilities for high-bay warehouses …

(April 2015, PR-2015-11578FA-ENG)

The new cable pulls from Pepperl+Fuchs Linear Diversity
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(PDF, 5691 KB)

The new cable pull rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs are available in different variants with a range of electrical interfaces. Robust magnetic rotary encoders ensure reliable measurement results …

(April 2015, PR-2015-11581FA-ENG)

KE5 AS-Interface Module with Push-in Front Connector KE5 AS-Interface Module with Push-in Front Connector
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(PDF, 1698 KB)

How could AS-Interface be made even better? By enhancing the convenience with which connections are established, speeding up the installation process, and saving on space in the switch cabinet — space that can be expensive. The central digit display is easy to read, even in the dark …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10820FA-ENG)

Connectivity Connection Technology for the International Market
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(PDF, 7882 KB)

However varied applications in the field of automation may be, the requirements placed on connection technology are just as complex. These applications range from use in general mechanical engineering scenarios, to welding technology and outdoor and mobile applications …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10818FA-ENG)

The SmartBridge adapter is looped into the sensor supply cable Tablets and Smartphones As Operating and Display Units for Sensors
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(PDF, 2393 KB)

The SmartBridge product uses extended communication channels and turns commercially available smartphones and tablets into user-friendly operating units for industrial sensors …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10816FA-ENG)

BB10 Thru-beam sensors by Pepperl+Fuchs Robust 13 mm Miniature Photoelectric Sensors with a Range of Extras
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(PDF, 2352 KB)

Optical sensors are used to safeguard a range of access points in indoor, transitional, and outdoor areas. In some situations, sensors are required to operate in extreme environmental conditions, which places increased demands on the devices. The thru-beam sensors in the BB10 series from Pepperl+Fuchs are optimized for door and manlock applications …

(March 2015, PR-2015-10828FA-Thru-beam)

R2000 2D Laser Scanner R2000 2D Laser Scanner for Mobile Applications
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(PDF, 4552 KB)

The 2D laser scanners in the R2000 series from Pepperl+Fuchs enable reliable navigation of automated guided vehicles—even without the use of reflectors …

(February 2015, PR2015-9943-FA-ENG)

F190 UHF Read/Write Head F190 UHF Read/Write Head for RFID with Switchable Polarization
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(PDF, 2611 KB)

The compact and robust F190 read/write head from Pepperl+Fuchs has an integrated antenna with switchable polarization. The head allows optimal adaptation to the application without replacing the hardware …

(February 2015, PR2014-2550-FA-ENG(1))

R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner
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(PDF, 2797 KB)

The opening height of shutters has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of a building. This is a widely agreed fact that has been proven in numerous studies. But there is one aspect that still remains unclear: How far should a shutter actually open? The R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner presents a brand new solution to this problem …

(February 2015, PR-2015-11071FA-Multi-Ray LED R2100)

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